La Trémontagne - 84 red

La Trémontagne - 84 red

Fauna – Flora
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Discovery by mountain bike of the territory of Nanchez by traversing the forest and the various valleys of Prénovel and the Piards. Beautiful ride of an accessible technical level, which will take you off the road to practice real mountain biking!
We have reserved for you all the elements of a successful mountain bike outing: forests, open valleys, open pastures, but also technical trails, rolling paths and a naturalist break.

4 points of interest

  • Know-how

    Wood and peat

    Whilst the forest has always been exploited in the region, fluctuations in the economic and social situation throughout history have shaped the landscape, alternating between thick forests and vast cultivated expanses. 
    As from the 17th century and up until the 20th century, an increase in forest exploitation (with wood serving as fuel for economic activities such as blacksmiths) led peasants to use peat as fuel for their domestic use.

  • History & Heritage

    The crown of the low walls

    The capping on the low dry-stone walls, or crown, maintains and stabilises the sides (visible parts) of the wall. Without it, the stones, and particularly those at the top, would end up falling. Here, you can observe a technique in which large and relatively flat stones, called lauzes, are laid vertically and often stabilised by spacers in between.

  • History & Heritage

    Wood-turning workshops

    More than a place of work or a rudimentary shelter for craftsmen, for those who occupied it, the workshop is a setting that is both intimate and public.
    Between the tools used, on the worktops where sawdust is pushed away with the palm of a hand, is where craftsmen build their know-how, by the light shed by the large dusty windows.

  • Natural environments

    The Nanchez peat bog

    Peat bogs are characterised by a surface that is constantly water-logged, where peat forms and accumulates: it is a type of bedding made-up of dead vegetation which has badly decomposed due to the absence of oxygen. Life conditions are demanding in these environments and this means that the species that live here must adapt to the omnipresence of water, to a relatively cold climate and to the chemical composition of the soil.


From the parking lot of the Prénovel annex town hall, go up about twenty meters to reach the PRÉNOVEL panel at the starting point of the hikes.
Reach Les Rochats (mountain bike markings n° 84 red) by a grassy path then take the forest road on the right to quickly reach the Vie des Geais.
Climb the path to the right which crosses the grassy valley passing through the Auges Vuillomets.
Arrived at the end of LA VIE DES TOURS, cross the road of the Col de La Joux to take the grassy path of the combes de bise which will lead you, after 2 good climbs, to the crossroads of La Corne aux Boeufs.
Turn right to take the Trémontagne forest path and continue for 2 km before turning right to take the white Crotchule path towards COMBE DE TREMONTAGNE.
From the right, take the old La Trémontagne ski slope, which will take you through a wide open wetland before passing under the high voltage line and, below the Bois de la Joux behind, down to the Chalet du bief Plotet.
Turn left on the white path to reach PRENOVEL DE BISE.
Carefully cross the road at the level of the fountain, to reach La Passerelle through the coomb, which you cross to reach The crossroads of the bays and take the path on your right overlooking LA TOURBIERE.
You can leave your bike to explore this landscaped platform on foot, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of the Regional Nature Reserve of the Peatland of the Nanchez reach.
Continue on Le Cotat Bossu, until reaching L'Arête, passing Sous Duchet.
Arrived on the Faicle road, turn right for 200m then join, after the Pont de l'Arête, the Cramoiron.
Turn left before the water reservoir and then reach the Chapelle des Piards via fields and agricultural paths.
Cross the hamlet to go up to the old hotel restaurant des Rouliers, at the top of the PIARDS.
On the right, a path leads you, after Les Huit Fourches, to La Brire: another effort to get there!
Continue on your way before carefully crossing the RD308 then joining PRENOVEL via Les Rochats.
  • Departure : Facing the holiday resort Le Duchet, Prénovel
  • Arrival : Facing the holiday resort Le Duchet, Prénovel
  • Towns crossed : Nanchez, Grande-Riviere Chateau, and Saint-Pierre


Altimetric profile

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.
Impacted practices:
Sensitivity periods:
Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura
29 Le Village
39310 Lajoux
03 84 34 12 30
Impacted practices:
Aerial, Aquatic, Amenities, , Underground, Land-based
Sensitivity periods:
Conservateur : Laurane Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura29 le village39310 LAJOUX03 84 34 12 30

Information desks

Tourist information centre - Haut-Jura Grandvaux

7 place Simone Veil, 39150 Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux (0)3 84 60 15 25

Access and parking

In Nanchez, reach the church of Prénovel then park near the "Maison de Prénovel", holiday village "Le Duchet".
The start of the routes is opposite.

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