Mount Mourex
Mount Mourex

Mount Mourex

History & heritage
Lakes, rivers and waterfalls
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Between Divonne-les-Bains and Gex, the Mount Mussy mountain range harbours beautiful forest trails leading to Mount Mourex. From its strange stone circle, it provides views over Lake Geneva, the Alps and the Jura.

In a little “green lung” easily accessible from Divonne-les-Bains, known for its thermal cures, this hike will lead you along in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. It is impossible to resist the feeling of peace emanating from this place!

3 points of interest

  • Lakes & Rivers

    The Divonne river

    The Divonne river - known as the Versoix river on the other side of the Swiss border – has provided a continuous source of energy from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. It has powered hemp beater mills, grain mills and forge hammers for mainly local production. However, it has also been used for industrial activities such as paper manufacturing. During the 19th century, and with installations all along its waterway, from Divonne to Lake Geneva, this river would “power around twenty establishments in the Divonne area, using a network of canals close to 3 kilometres long” (B. Frommel, 2005). In particular, its industrial forebays sustained the large paper industry of the 19th century.
  • Lakes & Rivers

    The sources of the Divonne

    The Divonne’s thermalism comes from several sources; the source of Emma - where water springs from the depths of the earth - was probably the same source that fed the Roman underground aqueduct built to bring water to Nyon. Other sources of the Divonne are the Barbilaine, which fed thermal baths for 140 years, the Vidart, the most abundant source, and Ausone which springs just below the casino.

  • Peak – Viewpoint

    Mount Mourex

    To the south is the valley of the Rhône, just downstream from Geneva; to the west is Gex and the High Jura mountain range. At the top of Mount Mourex is a granite monolith, called an erratic, which was taken from the Alps and left here by the Rhône’s glaciers during one of the glaciation periods. It marks the centre of an old circle of stones, marks left by a cult that supposedly worshipped the sun.


From DIVONNE - THE TOURIST OFFICE, a good path ascends to the right (yellow waymarking) between the D 984 and the golf course. Go past the Golf Course and the great Source of the Divonne to cross the D 984 (with care!) to reach the Trail of the Ladies

The path ascends towards a reservoir and continues on a forest trail that heads up to the right (deciduous forest: oak, chestnut, cherrywood, beech and holly trees). After a few bends, you will come to a meadow and further on the farm of MOUNT MUSSY.

Cross the road and ascend on a path towards Mount Mount Mourex via the Hunter’s Meeting (chestnut trees and, higher up, more coniferous trees, including fir trees, with flat needles and greyer trunks than spruces). On exiting the forest (cycling path), turn left to reach MOUNT MOUREX.

Head down a meadow (reading table) until you reach the Le Mont hamlet, below a reservoir. Head to MOUREX to reach the “route de Grilly”. The road descends to the left (two fountains) and heads through the village.

Take a grassy path to your left that curves north-east towards Arbère, along the edge of the forest. Head past the crossroads in Crépillon, the crossroads in la Vie d’Arbère, and le Rochasson to reach Arbère. Continue on a road in the same direction to reach the crossroads in Tir Mir.

Follow “route de Chane” to the left via Les Crotte. At the D 984, follow the trail on the bank to your left.

Cross once more the road to the Trail of the Ladies to reach Divonne.

  • Departure : Parking lot in from of the town hall, Divonne-les-Bains
  • Arrival : Parking lot in from of the town hall, Divonne-les-Bains
  • Towns crossed : Divonne-Les-Bains and Grilly


Altimetric profile


Be careful when crossing the D 984.

This trail passes through pastures with livestock and forest paths. To respect the owners and farmers granting you passage, and for the security of livestock and wild fauna, we ask that you remain on the waymarked paths. Use the adapted passageways to get across fencing and be sure to close gateways behind you. Please keep your dog on a lead if you have one.

Wild flowers are beautiful, they may be rare and protected and often wilt quickly. Do not pick them! They will delight the next hikers.

In case of forest works (felling, skidding, etc.), for your safety, know when to stop and turn around.

Information desks

Tourist information centre - Divonne-les-Bains

4 rue des Bains, F-01220 Divonne-les-Bains (0)4 50 20 01 22


To visit and get about in the High-Jura, visit, the eco-mobility portal listing all means of transport within the Park.

Access and parking

8 km northeast of Gex via the D 984

Parking :

in front of the town hall, avenue des Thermes

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