The craftsmanship trail
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The craftsmanship trail

The craftsmanship trail

History & heritage
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Departing from the Atelier des savoir-faire parking lot, the craftsmanship trail is an unusual hiking circuit spanning 3 kilometres between Ravilloles and Cuttura... Playful works designed by our artisans are dotted about the itinerary and provide an original view of local heritage and craftsmanship.

A stroll guided by hands?

Follow the "Roaming hands" without hesitation and walk around with nose in the air and your mind alert, ready to discover the heritage and the works of our craftsmen: at a bend in the path, in the middle of the forest, suspended between 2 trees, prepare to be amazed by the World clock, spinning top bridge, the passion zone, the wooden seats or the elegant lady!

A free guide book is available at the Atelier des Savoir Faire (The craftsmanship workshop): (


Start in the ATELIER DES SAVOIR-FAIRE parking lot. Pass under the Door of Time and along the picnic area. Take the 2 stone steps and walk along the fencing until you reach the belvedere (yellow waymarking). From the World clock, head down the hill and its steps to reach Chemin du Moulin d’Aval.

Cross the D 118 with care and go through the field following along the bank of the Lizon river. The cows are sometimes in the pasture. Stay calm!

At spinning top bridge, be sure to stay on the boardwalk. The trail follows the edge of the Cuttura lake until it reaches the Passion zone.

The stony path ascends to the right into the undergrowth (white and red waymarking).

>In front of the knowledgeable hand brandishing a horseshoe, the forge and the Etraz forebay smithy can be accessed, within 5 mins there-and-back.

Once back, follow the path to your right along the recently restored dry-stone wall and exit on to the D 118, at the "stop" hand. Be careful! Head 20 m up the road for a better view of traffic and cross the D118 again.

The white path heads gradually uphill. When you reach the horse box - to your left in the field - head to the suspended work to your right. Take the trail up into the woods to find the Elegant lady.

The trail passes under her dress and continues into the woods. Continue through this small forest, walking from hand to hand, until you reach the wooden seats.

Upon exiting the woods, regain the white path and follow it around to the right until you enter the village of Ravilloles at les Rochettes.

  • Continue with a round trip to the Aval Mill 100 metres away (yellow waymarking)

Back at les Rochettes, return to the village and the ATELIER DES SAVOIR FAIRE.

  • Departure : Atelier des Savoir-Faire parking lot, Ravilloles
  • Arrival : Atelier des Savoir-Faire parking lot, Ravilloles
  • Towns crossed : Ravilloles and Coteaux Du Lizon



This natural- and varied-terrain trail is unfortunately not accessible to pushchairs or wheelchairs. Wear appropriate footwear.

At Cuttura lake, do not throw any bread or food for the animals.

Be mindful of your children, the trail includes two road crossings and follows along a river bank.

Do not take the trail in the event of heavy rainfall or snow.

Respect the works scattered throughout the itinerary, they are the fruit of local craftsmen's labours.

This trail passes through pastures with livestock. To respect the owners and farmers granting you passage, and for the security of livestock and wild fauna, we ask that you remain on the waymarked paths. Use the adapted passageways to get across fencing and be sure to close gateways behind you. Please keep your dog on a lead if you have one.

Wild flowers are beautiful, they may be rare and protected and often wilt quickly. Do not pick them! They will delight the next hikers.

Information desks

Tourist information centre - Haut-Jura Saint-Claude

1 avenue de Belfort, 39200 Saint-CLaude (0)3 84 45 34 24


To visit and get about in the High-Jura, visit, the eco-mobility portal listing all means of transport within the Park.

Access and parking

15 km from Saint-Claude via the D 436, followed by the D 470 until you reach Lavans-les-Saint-Claude. Then follow the D 118 to Ravilloles through Saint-Lupicin.

Parking :

Atelier des savoir-faire parking lot

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