Belvedere of the Two Lakes
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Belvedere of the Two Lakes

Belvedere of the Two Lakes

History & heritage
Type : Nature spot
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A short and shaded ascent will lead you to this adapted belvedere, with breath-taking views over the Remoray lake natural reserve.
A strategic place to observe the landscape: the composition of natural elements, man’s adjustment to this environment, etc., or to simply bask in its sights and sounds.

From the RF Marcel Goux parking lot, head up the tarmac forest path for 250 metres and take the trail on your left, just before the area with picnic tables. Following the yellow waymarking to reach the belvedere of the two lakes (BELVÉDÈRE DES DEUX LACS). Return the same way.

From this high viewpoint, two interactive signs touch on the lake’s formation, the path taken by its waters, the Remoray lake natural reserve and the grazing in its marshes.

Practical informations

Recommendations: During rainy weather, the trail to the belvedere can be slippery. 
Wild flowers are beautiful, they may be rare and protected and often wilt quickly. Do not pick them! They will delight the next hikers.
Please keep your dog on a lead if you have one.
In case of forest works (felling, skidding, etc.), for your safety, know when to stop and turn around.

Road access: 8km northeast of Mouthe, the parking lot is on the edge of the D 437 between Le Brey and Labergement-Sainte-Marie, close to a small forest path that branches off towards Remoray.

Parking and departure point: Marcel Goux Forest Path parking lot


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